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CAS Server: Interrupt Me, Please!

Modern CAS (versions 5.2+) has an ability to interrupt authentication flow after primary authentication principal trust has been established. This ability enables CAS to execute an intermediary piece of application logic before continuing to establish Web Single Sign On session and routing requests back to target applications. These intermediary interrupt components are able to implement logic, for example, to present notification messages to the user, provide options for redirects to external services, etc.

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Dmitriy Kopylenko is a senior software engineer with 20 years of experience in developing enterprise Java systems. His areas of expertise include core Java, core Spring Framework, Spring Web Flow, Spring Integration, Groovy, and Spring Boot. Currently, Dmitriy works with Unicon's Identity and Access Management team to successfully deliver enterprise IAM systems to various clients, built upon Central Authentication Service (CAS) - an open source authentication broker, as well as Shibboleth IdP. Dmitriy is an active participant in open source software development and is one of the core committers to the CAS project as well as the principal author of the cas-client-autoconfig-support and duct projects.