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Securing AWS Lambda REST Endpoints

In our previous blog we introduced using AWS Lambda functions for simple REST services. Today, we are going to show how to secure access to your REST endpoints, using Lambda and API Gateway. Securing your services is critical before you allow your REST endpoints to be available on the public Internet. Unsecured endpoints can cause significant problems, including uncontrolled costs, incorrect data, and exposing private data. This post will show one approach to securing your Lambda REST services.

Getting Started with AWS Lambda and Java

AWS Lambda is a paradigm shift for constructing our web applications. Lambda enables us to run code without having to run and maintain a server. Unfortunately, paradigm shifts are always difficult to adapt to. Going through real examples helps tremendously with learning Lambda. This short blog will bring up a Hello World Lambda. We will also show a small bit of configuration in API Gateway.

Featured Blogger Cris

Cris Holdorph has been a Unicon employee for fifteen years. Cris holds a degree in Computer Science from Michigan State University and is currently a Software Architect at Unicon, Inc. Unicon, Inc. is a leading supplier of Professional Services and Support for the uPortal, Sakai and CAS platforms.

Cris has participated in training several university's on uPortal and Portlet development.

Cris has also served as an adjunct faculty member at Arizona State University.

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