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LDAP TLS/SSL Config for the Shibboleth IdP Explained

Many Shibboleth IdP adopters use LDAP as provide both an authentication provider and an attribute source. There is always the question of "do we need to configure TLS/SSL for the IdP's connection to the LDAP server(s)?". My response is "always" because we need to protect the user's credentials even in the most trusted network. My question back to the client, "Why do wouldn't you?". Often the response is somewhere between "we've tried and we got it to work once, but then it broke sometime" and "we could never get it to work".

Successfully Integrating a SAML Service Provider

A common task when running a SAML Identity Provider (IdP) is integrating additional SAML service providers (SP). This task is not a trivial one, especially when compared to integrating CAS clients. New IdP administrators can run into problems before they even start with the technical task at hand because they aren't given the correct information to be successful. The request to do an integration usually goes something like this:

shib-cas-authn3 supports Shib IdP v3.0

The shib-cas-authn extensions, developed as part of Unicon's Open Source Support program, is used to delegate the Shibboleth IdP's user authentication to a CAS Server. Whether the client application is a CAS client or a Shibboleth/SAML SP, the integration presents the user with a single SSO experience. Today, Unicon's IAM team released the next version of the shib-cas-authn extension.

Moodle's race with CAS Server

A client was testing our integration between CAS Server and Moodle 2.6. The lead tester reported that it was often requiring two authentications attempts to login into CAS Server after being redirected there from Moodle. Interestingly enough I was rarely able to invoke the same symptom. The exact symptom is that a user sees the login page, enters their credentials, and after hitting the Login button, the user is show an empty login form. There is no error message, no pre-populated username field. Just the empty login form.


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