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Confidence in Cloud Providers

In just a few years, we have seen acceptance of public cloud shift fairly dramatically from concern and skepticism to eagerly embracing the opportunities afforded. Five years ago, many of our hosted clients wanted to know that Unicon (and indirectly, they) had physical control of the data, servers, and other infrastructure. Today, confidence in cloud providers to deliver the highest levels of security and reliability led us to migrate all of our remaining colo (colocation) customers into Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Managing High Risk IT Incidents

Back to school is a harrowing time for almost anyone involved in delivering technology-based services in education. At this time of the year, Unicon often receives calls from business or IT leaders desperate for additional help in resolving a technology-related crisis. Unicon staff has extensive experience resolving application, performance, and infrastructure-related incidents. We have distilled a set of best practices for managing through high risk/high visibility IT incidents.

Featured Blogger Marquess

Marquess Lewis fills numerous roles in Unicon, with involvement in learning systems architecture for various clients, Operations, architecture, and IT Security for Unicon's hosted offerings, and as a member of the Unicon executive team. Mr. Lewis has over 20 years of experience in complex systems development and operations, delivering SaaS platforms and services supporting millions of customers. A majority of this experience is in Education, both Higher Ed and K12 in the US and in global markets as well. 

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